Органическое земледелие

Organic Farming & Plantation Development

Aromaproduct operates 300 hectares of organic farm certified by ECOCERT. Our company diversifies product lines to limit their exposure to crop failures and meet changing consumer preferences. Company now offers vast high quality fruit and berries products. To ensure consistent quality, control costs, and avoid potential shortages of imports, Aromaproduct cultivates own fruits and berries. Georgia's unique geography with a subtropical climate in the west and a European climate in the east provides the ideal conditions for growing pomegranates,bilberries, mulberries, blackberries, sour cherries, grapes, apples, plums, pear, cornel, persimons, figs, raspberries, apricots, almond and quince. Optimal climate ccombining with fertile soil has enabled Company to maximize the output from each square meter of plantation land without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Within the next 4 years Aromaproduct expects harvesting on their plantations annually 40,000 metric tons of fruit and berries. At the same time Company collects fruit and berries in the wild environment of Caucasus mountain regions.

Seasonal Info

Many our products are seasonal, therefore, we process the fruits on proper seasons according to the year-around demand. Our Customers are better off to place the order for the total year demand within relevant seasonal frames.  This gives us a chance to prepare the products at the lowest cost, and, thus, set the same low prices for around year future shipments, as well as maintain sufficient stocks to ensure uninterrupted product flow throughout the year.