Corporate Info

I would like to take a moment and tell you more about our company. Our group, “AROMAPRODUCT” LTD and “GEORGIA’S NATURAL”, has been operating since 1985. We are a leading 100% export orientated fruit and vegetable processing company located in georgia and specializing in production of high quality natural juices, fruit juice concentrates, iqf fruit and berries, jams, comfitures, preserved fruit, sauces, spices, edible nuts and honey products. Please refer to your web site

Since 1994 “Aromaproduct” underwent extensive restructuring and modernization to become an international distributor of high quality natural fruit and vegetable products. “Aromaproduct” controls all aspects of the life cycle of their products from the growing of row materials on plantations covering 1,000 hectares, out of which 300 hectares certified by ECOCERT under organic farming operations to the manufacturing process at 2 technologically advanced facilities measuring 10,000 square meters to the distributing of finished products through sales networks in 25 different countries.